Thursday, 1 September 2016

September Goals

rljlowe | September Goals
I seriously can't believe how quickly the year is going! September usually means getting ready for school, college, university or graduation for me, so it's really strange that nothing academic is happening this year. Rob's birthday is in September though and I love thinking up ideas to celebrate with him and how to spoil him...

1// Now I know I've said this at the beginning of each month, but I really, really want to publish more content on my blog. I let it slip a bit last month just because I was on holiday and wanted to relax and enjoy my time exploring different countries. Now I'm settled at work with no immediate plans to go anywhere, I feel like I'll really have the time to be creating more content.

2// This month I want to start getting my finances into order. I've been keeping up with bills and repayments but not as strictly as I would like, I'm so sick of having no money! I'm going to sit down and figure out exactly how much money I have coming in each month and how much I can spend. It's time to be an adult (sob).

3// For anyone that knows me, I can be a real stress head. For some reason, the little things and too much noise or disturbance can really get to me and stress me out. I was at a wedding recently and I noticed that I was letting the little things slide, or a situation that would normally cause me stress wasn't. It was quite an eye opener because I've never in my living memory, been a chilled out person! But it was quite a nice change and meant that I could really enjoy my day. So I want to start actively making a change and try to stay calm in situations that would normally be distressing.

4// I was going to the gym a lot more last month, eating a better diet and I really noticed a difference. After going on a cruise and eating four courses every evening, my body has started to crave more food and lots more sugar which I'm really not happy about. I love to snack, always have done, always will; but it doesn't make my body feel good. I need to get back into my balanced eating and exercising this month!

September feels like a fresh start to me, do any of you feel the same?

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