Monday, 19 September 2016

Weekend Wash Bag Essentials

rljlowe | Weekend Wash Bag Essentials
With living an hour away from Rob and driving to his house almost every weekend, I like to think that I've got my weekend essentials down to a T. When I first started packing for a short weekend away, I would always forget things or pack the unnecessary so I thought I would try and save you from the same mistakes...

Wash Bag //
Probably the most important thing on this list, something to house all your bits and bobs! I got mine from Boots and it's been incredibly handy. It has a little hook at the top so you can hang it up and each of the three little pockets can detach from the main section, great when you don't need to take the whole thing.

Shampoo and Conditioner //
I bought the Aussie Miracle Moist travel duo quite a while back but to save on costs, I actually just top up the bottles with whatever shampoo I'm using at the moment.

Razor // 
I used to bring my "proper" razor with me whenever I went to visit Rob and a lot of the time I would actually forget to pack it because it was still sitting in the shower... So when Gillette brought out their portable razor I was so thankful! I now keep this one in my wash bag and never take it out, meaning it's never forgotten.

Miniature Lush Ultrabland //
Lush's Ultrabland is my all time favourite face wash and when I used to work there I was given a teeny pot of the stuff, saviour for when I didn't want to take my big tub around with me. I just top this little tin up from my "home" pot which is usually enough for the weekend.

Lush 100g Shower Gel //
The 100g shower gels are perfect for travelling and who can beat a bit of Lush? I'm using the Rose Jam one at the moment which is a Christmas item (so will be out again soon!). My favourite is the Beautiful shower gel, I have a huge one that's taking me forever to get through!

Those are just a few of the essentials I always have in my wash bag and a handy tip: I always keep a tiny box of Dove soap in my wash bag to stop it from smelling damp. What are your weekend beauty essentials?

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