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Sleek Matte Me Lipstick Review & Favourites

rljlowe | Sleek Matte Me Lipstick Review & Favourites

The matte, liquid lipstick hype seems to have died down a little bit now. Things got crazy when Kylie Jenner released her own line (to be honest, I would love to try them but I just can't afford it!) and I think a lot of brands realised how popular these lipsticks would be. When trying to find a cheaper alternative to the Kylie lip kits, I came across the Sleek Matte Me lipsticks and decided to pick a few up to try...

Birthday Suit
Okay so this is probably my favourite shade out of the three, it's really easy to wear and is perfect for the daytime and the evenings. The formula is great as well, not too drying, dries smoothly and doesn't go patchy throughout the day. If you only want to buy one Sleek Matte Me lipstick, it has to be this one!

Old Hollywood
This is a gorgeous dark, vampy red. It's a nice twist on the red lip and is good for those that prefer a darker red lip than a bright one. The formula is the same as 'Birthday Suit' but for some reason, I find that this one tends to go more patchy throughout the day/ evening and can make re-application difficult. Like I said, gorgeous shade but requires more work and attention than the other two.

On my lips, this shade shows up as a dark, dusky pink rather than the pink-toned nude in the tube. It's a lovely shade and doesn't need as much upkeep as 'Old Hollywood' which means it is totally wearable for the day and you can just forget about it. Did I mention, these lipsticks are great for eating and drinking! They don't transfer ('Old Hollywood' transfers a little, as you could imagine) which is great for me because I get so paranoid about lipstick getting everywhere!

Have you got any of these Sleek Matte Me lipsticks? If not, will you be picking any up?

Shop the lipsticks below:

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