Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I Graduated!

On Tuesday 8th September 2015, I graduated from Falmouth University. I can't believe I can say that now! It only seems like yesterday that I was travelling to Cornwall, car packed full of my belongings ready to start my journey at Uni. In fact, it was three years ago today that I moved into halls, how time flies.

As a pure fluke, Rob and I ended up graduating in the same ceremony and it was so lovely being able to fully share this experience with him. He was there constantly throughout our three years at Falmouth, pushing me when I needed it, bringing me snacks when I was too tired to go out myself and celebrating with me on all the achievements, big or small. I'll try not to get too soppy here but it truly was a blessing meeting Rob at Falmouth.

And of course I couldn't have done it without these three ladies. Not only were they my course-mates but they're my best friends. I went to Uni without a solid friendship group and soon lost contact with those I went to school with, so having these girls constantly by my side throughout everything was a little strange for me but incredibly welcome. No matter where we are in the world (Sels, I'm looking at you) we always keep in contact.

I think the biggest star of the day was the gorgeous Dawn French. As Chancellor of Falmouth University, she greeted us on stage, shook our hands and gave us a chocolate coin with her face on (of course!). Definitely something I will cherish forever and tell my Grandchildren about, I mean, when else are you going to receive something like that?

All in all, I had an amazing day. The sun was shining, I was surrounded by my loved ones and I graduated with a 2:1! So now I should really start signing my name Rebekah Lowe (BA)Hons...

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