Monday, 12 September 2016

The Best Drugstore Red Lipsticks

rljlowe | Best Drugstore Red Lipsticks
Whenever I think about makeup in summer, I always think about a bold lip. I tend to sway towards a bright orange or red but I think vampy lips look so nice when you've got a bit of a tan, hence the cheeky purple lipstick making its way in...

Sleek // Flaunt It  - I love this orange shade, it's incredibly flattering on paler skin and I can't wait to see what it looks like with a tan.

Lush // Ambition - I'll admit, before I worked at Lush I didn't really know much about their makeup line but I picked this lipstick up after one of my shifts on a whim and I fell in love. It's a liquid formula that dries quite matte and lasts for so long, you'd seriously have a hard time getting it to budge. Need a drink? No problem, won't fade. Eating dinner? Cool, do it with a fancy red lip. Giving a little kiss? Okay, this one might not be as transfer proof, Rob steers clear whatever lipstick I've got on...

MAC // Rebel - Okay, I know this isn't strictly a drugstore lipstick, but I just loved it too much not to include it. Whilst it isn't a red, it is a gorgeous, deep shade of purple that looks fantastic on any skin tone.

Maybelline // Pleasure Me Red - This is a real, true red. It finishes quite glossy on the lips and is great for making your teeth look super white. I always feel pouty and Old Hollywood whenever I wear this lipstick.

Bourjois // 05 - More of a pinky-red, this Bourjois lipstick is really creamy and a nice mix between a red lip and a nude lip.

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