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Lush Pamper Routine

rljlowe | Lush Pamper Routine

Every now and again I love to have a nice, calming pamper evening and Lush is definitely my company of choice when it comes to pampering...

rljlowe | Lush Beautiful Shower Gel

H'Suan Wen Hua //
(pronounced 'Shwen Wen Wah')
Before I start my pamper routine, I like to put this all through my hair and clip it out the way. Your hair gets all the nourishment it needs without you even thinking about it! Remember that when you wash this out, there's no need to use conditioner as this already has this covered.

Dark Angels //
This is my all time favourite cleanser/exfoliator.  I use this every other day in the shower (creates less mess, leaving black marks everywhere is not a good look), and I hate how my skin feels if I don't use this. It deeply exfoliates, it cleanses, has antiseptic properties and it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry. 

Volcano //
My feet are probably the most neglected part of my body, I can never be bothered to exfoliate, moisturise and all that jazz; and whenever I do, they just go back to their awful state a week later. Volcano makes foot pampering so easy. You literally just cover your feet with it, wrap them in clingfilm (stops it from drying out) and continue with your pampering. After around 10 minutes, scrub it in and then wash it off. Done. Easy.

The Rough with the Smooth //
I have the old solution of this, it's now in a solid formula which in my eyes is probably a bit easier to use. Scrub your entire body with this to get rid of all those dead skin cells and leave a nice, fresh new layer of skin to show off.

Beautiful //
I love this shower gel! The smell is gorgeous and you don't need a lot, so it's well worth the money. Plus, it's glittery, I mean who can resist?! It's a really nice summery scent but to be honest, I use it all year round.

Dream Cream //
So you've finished scrubbing, washing and prepping; what's next? Obviously you need to moisturise. Dream Cream is my body moisturiser of choice, it feels incredibly moisturising and lasts for hours. So many moisturisers I've tried have been thin and left my skin dry and patchy only a couple of hours after application. When using facial moisturisers, it's best to go into Lush and ask some of the staff for advice and some samples. Every person has different skin and different skin has different needs (how many times do I want to say different?). 

Do you have any Lush pamper favourites?

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