Monday, 31 October 2016

Thoughts on October

rljlowe | Thoughts on October
This month has felt quite full-on and I can't really get my head around what happened in October. I know that the mornings and evenings got darker, making it really hard to get out of bed for work, and my laptop charger completely packed in. I never realised how much I used my laptop before I was stuck staring at the battery slowly depleting.

I had to check my diary to see what I've actually been doing this month and in all honesty; I've mainly been working and slowly making my way through the boring adult tasks I have to do before we leave. Cue booking in doctors, dentists, opticians, snore snore snore. 

Talking of the doctors, I've been getting really bad stomach aches for the past couple of years after I eat. I get really bloated and have sharp pains, which is understandably very unpleasant. I cut dairy out of my diet which seemed to help a lot, and I was taking Lactase enzyme tablets if I couldn't be certain on whether a dish contained any dairy. This was working up until a few weeks ago and it was so frustrating. I'll be honest, I went to the doctors once about this when it first started and they were useless. So unhelpful and I felt like I had to sort it on my own. 

Rob's been telling me to see the doctors about this for a while but I was putting it off for some reason. I think it's to do with my slight fear of speaking on the phone (which is bizarre, I'm currently answering phones for a living), so when I realised I could book appointments online, I was so relieved! I'm currently in the process of stuffing my body full of gluten in preparation for my blood test in a couple of weeks, which I'm absolutely dreading. But hey ho, if it helps me figure out what's causing my tummy pains, then I guess it's worth it!

So my life in October has mainly revolved around food and being an adult. It's so dull. I'm literally counting down the days until we go skiing. I bought a new lens for my goggles the other day and I'm saving up for my new snow boots, seriously exciting stuff.

Oh, and about my Macbook charger breaking. I thought I'd be clever and get one of the cheaper versions from Amazon, which has worked in the past, but this time it was not meant to be. The charger arrived, I unwrapped it all, plugged it in and it did absolutely nothing. Gutted. It was the only reasonably cheap charger that would arrive before I left to go to France so I ended having to bite the bullet and buy straight from Apple. £79 for a laptop charger. I want to cry! Thank God for myunidays extending my student status! I managed to get a new charger for £70, which is still incredibly absurd but at least I know this one will last for a bit longer.

October, you have been very efficient, a little bit of a pain financially but you know, these things happen. You haven't been full of excitement but you've given me time to get myself sorted and feel like my head is thoroughly screwed on. Cheers.

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