Tuesday, 1 November 2016

November Goals

rljlowe | November Goals

The time has finally arrived! It's skiing month! I'm so excited to get all my things together and packed up, ready to go on a new adventure with Rob and my besties. Here are my goals for November...

1// Actually finish my Christmas shopping and get everything wrapped. This includes writing all my Christmas cards and getting those ready to send out towards the end of the month.

2// By the end of this month, I will have paid off most of my debts (excluding Student debt, that doesn't exist in my mind yet...). I'm hoping to keep myself out of any unnecessary debt now and focus on saving some money up for the big things and for fun holidays with my friends.

3// I really need to tie up lots of loose ends before we leave for Meribel, things like phone contracts, dentists, doctors, essentials for the season. I have a week off work before we actually leave so I'm planning to knuckle down and get everything done in that week, after a few nice lie-ins of course...

4// Even though we don't leave until the end of the month, I want to make sure I make the most of this season. Despite training week being a bit tedious, it was actually quite a fun part of the season. It was when we got to know everyone we would be working with, got a taste for the seasonaire nightlife and it kind of felt like we were back on one of those school trips to PGL. Sounds weird but it was exciting because it was all new and the beginning of the season, so I'm really going to enjoy it even more this time around. 

What are you hoping November will bring?

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