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My Autumn Kindle Picks

rljlowe | My Autumn Kindle Picks

Whilst I love reading, I never seem to "find" the time to do it unless I'm on holiday where the sole objective is to get tanned and relax! I read quite quickly which is an absolute nightmare on my bank balance, I mean, I know Kindle books are cheaper but they soon add up. After finishing Game of Thrones, I found myself a little lost and couldn't find any books I thought I'd enjoy. Here are some that helped fill that little literary hole.

The Danish Girl
I've been wanting to watch this film for a while now and I've never really got the chance, so when this book was suggested to me, I wasn't completely against it. Based on a true story, The Danish Girl is an interesting read on a Danish man feeling as though he should be a women, and following his journey on acceptance from himself and his wife. At times the book did drag on, focussing too much on little details rather than answering the big questions, which made me speed through just to get to the ending. The end of the book was pretty anti-climactic, and left me wanting more information. It is definitely worth reading but just bear in mind, it can get a little long. 

The Devil Wears Prada
So if you've seen the film (I mean, who hasn't?!) you'll obviously love this book. The plot line in the film differs slightly from the book itself which is understandable, Miranda Priestly is meant to have blonde hair, for example - I much prefer the film'a take on her. It was an easy read because I already knew the plot line but it was still so enjoyable. It took me right into the heart of the New York fashion industry and made me want to pack my bags, move and get a whole new look. You almost feel like you're living vicariously through Andy which, when your "real life" involves sitting in an office all day, is pretty welcoming. 

The Dressmaker
I'm not sure quite what I was expecting from this book but it didn't really deliver on the expectations that I had. It was a much more in depth storyline about a woman returning to her hometown in Australia to care for her elderly mother, whilst dealing with her dark history within the town. The storyline is definitely interesting and has a mysterious element to it that keeps you hooked, I couldn't wait to get to the end and find out what had happened. This is another book that's been made into a film, starring Kate Winslet *heart eyes* which would be interesting to see her take on the character. 

Girls in White Dresses
Okay so this book was actually really hard to read, you're introduced to a lot of important characters very quickly and it's hard to understand which characters your attention should be on. The chapters are written from three different girls' perspectives, each struggling with their own problems that a lot of young women can relate with - family struggles, heartbreak and career problems. There's no direct pattern as to who you'll be hearing from next, which meant I found myself having to go back and check which character I was reading as and what their significance was to the plot. Despite all of this, it was an interesting read where I could relate to some aspects, and if you're looking for something light, I definitely recommend. 

Have you read any of these books? What are your top reads?

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