Monday, 7 July 2014


I'm a very lucky ducky to live right next to the sea when the weather gets warmer, as soon as it gets too hot for me, I just take a dip in ocean. Summer's my favourite time of the year, it's the one time I get to completely relax and spend time exploring more of Cornwall, and making new memories.

I took a visit to the Eden Project, granted I didn't actually get to look around, but it's definitely something on my to-do list. I was there to see the third year Sustainable Product Design exhibition (R's course), tucked away in the Hedgehog looking building to the right of the picture. It's so interesting to see the innovative ideas some people come up with, and definitely worth a look if you're around for the day. It's running until 29th August in the Core building, if you're interested...

I'm miss having this view from my bed! I had to move out of my student house the other day, and whilst there were some aspects I definitely don't miss (mould, cracked ceilings, the usual), this is one thing I wish I could keep with me. The sun shining through my window got annoying when trying to read my laptop screen, but as soon as the sun set, it was worth it. Oh Falmouth, you make my heart flutter.

Although, your Seagulls are a pain in the arse!

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