Wednesday, 25 June 2014


So, I'm about to enter the scary world of third year, and whilst I was sat worrying about my future, I started to think about everything I've learnt so far;

  • Have a back-up plan. Music is a notoriously difficult industry to do well in, or at least make enough money from to survive on more than beans on toast (my plan B is interior design, if you're wondering).

  • It takes time to develop your style. I spent about four years constantly being frustrated at my lack of songwriting skills, or hating anything I had managed to write. It didn't stop at University either, my first year was spent from band to band, mainly being backing vocals. But I wouldn't change any of that for the world, it helped me learn that I've got a lot more to give than just backing vocals, and the band I'm currently in really shows that. Even now, after almost a year together, we're still developing our style into something we really love.

  • Keep practising. I've been playing Piano for 15 years now, and I'm still learning. I'll be the first to admit that I don't, and never have, practised regularly. I'm a bit of lazy person, and if I can get by without practising every hour of the day, then I will. Probably not the best mentality, but whenever I do take the time out to sit down and just play, I notice the change. The same goes with my vocals, they've gotten a hell of a lot better within the past 6 months or so, and that's just from singing along to music everyday

  • Don't be discouraged. This is a difficult one, I know. I spend practically every day around incredibly talented musicians, and it's hard to keep your moral up when you see and hear such great work around you. But the mantra I've had to adopt is "you are just as good, you just have a different style". One of my best friends (Abee Hague) has an incredible, strong voice and her songs are catchy as f***. But instead of letting this get to me, I support her, encourage her and enjoy listening to her play. Because I know that I don't have a voice like hers, but my voice suits the style of music Caitlin and I are playing.

  • Take time out. Listen to some music, get inspired. A great tool is the "related artists" feature on Spotify, if you're struggling to find new music you might like, this is the tits. Type in your favourite artist and voilĂ , tonnes of other artists similar that you might like. Listening to other artists can be great for inspiration, songwriting or playing wise.

  • Enjoy. I love playing gigs the most, and it deeply upsets me that they go so quickly. I try to enjoy every little moment, even when I say something stupid in between songs, and especially when Cait does. But that's just part of our charm (I like to think), and chills the audience out a little bit too. Enjoy every aspect of your practice, whether that's writing songs, practising them, recording them or performing them. Every step is just as important as the other, so appreciate each one, even if it's not your favourite.

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