Saturday, 16 August 2014


I went to the South of Spain a couple of weeks ago with R's family and friends, we spent most of our time in our villa up in the mountains. The views we got were incredible, and I took way too many sunset pictures, but they were just too beautiful each night to ignore.

I mean, how could you not want your holiday album to be full of just these?!
We were an hour away from Malaga, and around half an hour away from the local beaches. The sand there wasn't what I was expecting, grey. I suppose I've just been spoilt with beaches like Gylly right on my doorstep, but this didn't distract from the bliss of laying in the sun (and blitzing through Game of Thrones, three books in two weeks).

There was a lot of time spent in the pool; swimming lengths, playing volleyball, being a mermaid and of course, perfecting our Dirty Dancing moves...

When I say perfecting, I mean trying, it's a lot more difficult than Patrick Swayze makes it look! All in all, it was just the break I needed. I consumed my body weight in olives (seriously obsessed with them now), had some quality time with R's family and of course, got myself a little tan. I also got myself some pretty nice desktop wallpapers too, to keep me going through the horrible Winter months approaching.

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