Monday, 1 August 2016

August Goals

rljlowe | August Goals

I'm so happy that it's August! I'm hoping this month will be sunny, relaxing and full of fun - I haven't been in the sun/ on a beach in over a year now. I was so spoilt at Falmouth being able to walk to the beach whenever the weather was good - so I'm really excited for my first holiday in two years at the beginning of the month.

1// I want to sit down and really pay more attention to the Piano. I haven't really played any music since leaving University and I keep getting waves of missing playing. I've got something coming up soon where I need to play so I really do need to start practicing!

2// I go on holiday this month - yay! Even though it doesn't really feel like I've been doing much, it'll be really nice to take some time to myself and fully relax. Plus, I'm so excited to see parts of Spain, France and Italy I've never seen before - and try to take lots of pictures!

3// I know in July's Goals I said that I was going to pay more attention to my blog, and that didn't really happen... But I really, really want to try harder this month! I've got a few blog posts written ready for when I'm on holiday, I've given myself no excuses.

4// I've been really proud of how well I've been eating recently and anyone who knows me, knows I have a slight addiction to crisps. I've been restricting myself to one or two bags of crisps at the weekend as a treat but I'd really like to reduce it to once or twice a month. It sounds a little crazy but it's a habit I really want to get under control.

Do you have any "must sees" on the coasts of Spain, France or Italy?

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