Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljlowe
Ohhh it's that time of year again, where I trot off to Lush to take pictures and get a sneak peak of all their new Christmas and Halloween products. I decided to do things a little bit differently this year and mainly film my trip, because I'm starting to really get back into my YouTube and need to keep that new content coming... With that being said, I did still snap some pictures for those that enjoy still photos rather than videos, so here we go!

Let's start with everyone's favourite...

Bath Bombs

There are so many bath bombs from the Christmas and Halloween ranges to choose from, you are literally spoilt for choice. Amongst the regular bath bombs are a couple of Jelly Bombs, I've never tried these before but I've heard that they're weirdly good. For fans of the Golden Wonder bath bomb, or anyone with an obnoxiously big bath, you can buy a giant version on the website for £12.95. Mental.

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljloweGolden Wonder | £4.50

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljloweThundersnow | £4.50

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljloweClockwise:
Ectoplasm | £4.95
Lord of Misrule | £3.95
Pumpkin | £4.25
Monster's Ball | £4.50

Bubble Bars & Melts

If you prefer bubbles in your bath, then Lush have got you covered (unintentional pun). From sweet to citrus to calming scents, there's something for everyone. Plus, they've made a pink version of the Sparkly Pumpkin.

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljloweThe Snowman | £4.50
Pink Pumpkin | £4.25

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljloweSnow Angel | £4.50

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljloweChristmas Cracker | £5.95

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljloweBewitched | £4.25
(Background) Tree-d Bath Oil | £4.50

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljlowePlum Snow | £5.95


Arguably one of my favourite Lush products, and I was so happy to see some of my favourites back along with new products. I'm still heartbroken that Lush discontinued Yog Nog, so much so that I'm rationing my huge chunk to make it last. If you're reading this Lush, please bring it back!

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljloweClockwise:
Hidden Mountain | £5.70
Christmas Rocker | £4.50
Christmas Citrus | £5.10
Saucy Snowcake | £5.40
Baked Alaska | £4.50
Shooting Stars | £4.95
Golden Pear | £6.50
Hedgewitch | £5.95

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljloweSaucy Snowcake | £5.40

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljloweSnow Fairy Cold Pressed Soap | £5.95
Golden Pear | £6.50

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljloweHidden Mountain | £5.70
Snowcloud | £5.70

Naked Products

These are completely new to the Lush family and something I'm quite excited about. I'd eventually like to lead a relatively packaging-free lifestyle and seeing Lush leading the way for this in the cosmetics industry is really refreshing. These products are designed to work exactly like their non-naked counterparts, just in a solid form. So clever, hats off to you, Lush.

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljloweSnow Fairy Body Conditioner | £8.25

Lush Christmas & Halloween 2017 | rljloweBerry Berry Christmas Shower Gel | £11.95
Berry Berry Christmas Naked Shower Gel | £11.75
Santa's Christmas Naked Shower Cream | £10.75
Santa's Christmas Shower Cream | £10.95
Christingle Naked Body Conditioner | £9.75
Christingle Body Conditioner | £9.95

Which items do you think you'll be picking up this Christmas and Halloween?

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