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50th Birthday Celebrations in Bath - Part Two

rljlowe | 50th Celebrations in Bath

If you read my previous post, you'll know the stress my sisters and I went through in order to organise this day for my Mum - it was all done out of love and managed to come together in the end. Now onto Mum's birthday, the actual day out. As mentioned previously, my car had a little bit of a meltdown which meant I wouldn't be able to drive us to Bath but luckily Mum said that she didn't mind - her car's got more space anyway!

We started our day quite early as it takes a couple of hours to drive to Bath and we had a restaurant reservation in the evening that we had to factor in. We gave Mum her flowers and she decided that she wanted to open her presents when we were having lunch in Bath. I'd done some research into places to visit and eat whilst we were there (the Bath City Guide by Cereal was a life saver!) and had all the places mapped out, ready to go!

rljlowe | 50th Celebrations in Bath
Society Cafe


The Kingsmead Kitchen

As soon as we got into Bath, we scouted out one of the cafes to sit, have some lunch and open presents. We first stopped off at 'Society Cafe', which was absolutely beautiful but unfortunately didn't have much to offer in the food department. I'd definitely go back to visit for a coffee as it was more of a coffee stop than a lunch spot. Luckily, just across the road was a lovely little place called 'The Kingsmead Kitchen' and we sat in the window, looking at across the square. The staff were lovely and waited for Mum to open all her presents before bringing our food over, gold star for that.

rljlowe | 50th Celebrations in Bathrljlowe | 50th Celebrations in Bath

Topping & Company Booksellers

The first stop was a little bookshop called 'Topping & Company Booksellers', I say little but it was almost like a Tardis. Very modest from the outside however when you stepped inside the shop, you were faced with thousands of books from floor to ceiling, with the rolling ladders you see in films. It was completely overwhelming and is somewhere we could have spent hours in, if we had the time.
rljlowe | 50th Celebrations in Bathrljlowe | 50th Celebrations in Bath

Meticulous Ink

On our way to the next stop, we walked past a little market which was almost reminiscent of those they have on the side of the river Seine in Paris - just lovely! We shortly arrived at 'Meticulous Ink' which is a stationery shop and a letterpress studio (highly recommend following them on Instagram if you like all things stationery!). The shop itself is quite small, with lots of different items on display which I'm sure we would have bought most of if we had the money! When you look over the counter, you're faced with these huge letterpress machines, which really was an impressive sight.
rljlowe | 50th Celebrations in Bath

Bath Old Books

Next was 'Bath Old Books', quite self-explanatory but another bookshop that this time specialised in old, antique books. If you're looking for an small book shop that is packed full of old books, then this is the place for you. Although, you'll need quite a generous budget as we found out, even so it was lovely just browsing.

The Royal Crescent

This brought us nicely onto a sight Mum had always wanted to see, 'The Royal Crescent'. I love Georgian architecture and Bath is certainly not short of that, standing out over the grass looking at these buildings was quite an impressive sight. Something we can now tick off our "Bath Tourist" checklist. That was the last spot I had on my list, so we wandered back through the beautiful streets of Bath, stopping off in some shops to browse (Anthropologie was a big one) before making our way back to the car.rljlowe | 50th Celebrations in Bath


We had a lovely drive back to Worcester, listening to some of Mum's new CDs and eating too many snacks. After parking up we started to walk to Bill's, having to make a couple of detours to account for someone *cough* Rob *cough* to get to the restaurant before us, so not to ruin the surprise for Mum. When we finally walked into Bill's, Mum saw the BIG balloons, all our family at the table dropped the menus they were hiding behind and we all shouted "Happy Birthday!". Safe to say Mum was surprised and had a lovely end to her birthday.
rljlowe | 50th Celebrations in Bath
So here's to you, Mum. We hope you had the best day and here's to the next chapter.

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