Saturday, 17 June 2017

A Week with My Girls

rljlowe | A Week with my Girls

Falmouth University gave me a few things to be grateful for, and one (or three) of those things are my friends. We met through our course and have been friends ever since. It hasn't really been easy keeping up with each other, especially as Sels spends most of her time either in Norway or Kenya. But, we've made it work and through social media we're mostly able to keep up with what we're all up to. This aside, we managed to all get together to have a few days hanging out in Bristol, which was an absolute dream.

D A Y // O N E

It was the first time all four of us had been together since September 2016, excited was an understatement. We went out for a drink for our first night together at the Hotel du Vin, which was pretty fancy but had a gorgeous view of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. We all just sat and chatted, catching up with each other as the sun was setting; it was quite romantic! 

rljlowe | A Week with my Girls

D A Y // T W O

The next day we went into town, mainly to window shop and browse for things to wear for our night out. I got a new pair of heels that I really, really didn't need and had some amazing falafel from a little place in the food market. As we walked around Tiger, I was getting Sels to read out all the product names because I'm ignorant and thought that once you know one Scandinavian language, you know them all. I was reliably informed that this isn't the case. 
So, onto the night out. This was my first time properly going out in Bristol. I'd been out a few times and I have a running joke with Rob that the only bar I know is "Illusions" (a truly magical place if you haven't been before) but this was the first, proper big night out. We started out at "Kongs" which I think was my favourite bar of the night, where Sels magically produced four paper straws for us to drink our drinks with - always thinking of the environment, that girl. We played what we thought was a hilarious game of "The Floor is Lava", but the people we kept nudging off chairs probably didn't find it that entertaining. Although, it was the first time we'd properly played it and didn't quite realise that there should always be one person judicating - so what actually happened was that someone would shout that "the floor is lava", and all four of us would run off to our little spot we'd found, sit for a couple of seconds, then re-congregate back in the middle of the room. That was probably the highlight of my night, and I actually managed to make it past 1am.

rljlowe | A Week with my Girls

D A Y // T H R E E

As you can imagine, we were all feeling a little bit worse for wear the next day. But the sun was shining, it was feeling like summer and so we decided to take a day trip to Wales to hit up one of the beaches. We ended up going to Porthcawl where the weather was a little less than ideal but we had a BBQ going, music playing and were back next to the sea where we all belong. We spent the evening relaxing, eating snacks, playing games and watching a movie. It felt like we'd never moved out of our little third year house together.

rljlowe | A Week with my Girls

D A Y // F O U R

We went back into the town to do some exploring, going up Park Street to all the vintage shops and having a general mooch around. It turns out that the World Naked Bike Ride was on that day,  cue a lot of awkward laughter and lots of bums, boobs and willies floating around. After our shock of almost walking amongst naked cyclers, we started to hunt for a cream tea, unfortunately the places we found only had raisin scones, not ideal. We decided to forget the cream tea and carried on walking around, played a bit more FIL (so cool, so edgy) and met up with some old, uni friends at Three Brothers Burgers. I'd like to go back and properly try their menu, I only had some fries that the others couldn't eat - the milkshakes look pretty incredible too.

rljlowe | A Week with my Girls

F I N A L // M O R N I N G

Our last morning together was short but sweet. The sky was crying because our hearts were crying *cringe* as we drove Sels over to the train station. We said our goodbyes, shed a few tears and waved Sels off. Until next time, ladies.

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