Friday, 1 July 2016

July Goals

rljlowe July Goals

I can't quite believe that it's July already! I think the huge amounts of rain and grey skies we've been getting haven't really helped that "Summer feeling". But with a new month, brings some new goals.

1// As you may have noticed, I've been fairly absent from all social media recently - particularly my blog. So in the past few weeks I've been tweaking the design, planning posts and the future of my blog in hopes that I'll be posting more regularly and not leaving it months between each post...

2// When I finished University, I took a little break from the gym to give myself time to settle back in at home. A year later (whoops), I finally joined up again and my aim is to go every day for five days. I've been feeling so sluggish and gross recently that I just needed to get my ass into gear, quite literally! Hopefully I'll be feeling more energetic and finally have that bikini body I've been lusting after.

3// In April, I came back to Worcester after five months in France working in a chalet (I'm planning a post on my experiences). Between negotiating rooms with my sisters, travelling backwards and forwards to see Rob, and being handy-man for my Grandparents, I haven't really had time to properly settle in. The plan is to find a 9-5 job so I can have the weekends to myself, rather than working here, there and everywhere with no time to relax!

4// I go on holiday in just over a month and whilst trying to vaguely plan my holiday wardrobe, I noticed a huge lack of colour. I am so drawn to blacks, greys and whites when I'm shopping that I'm seriously starting to think it's a problem. I need to take to Pinterest to look for some inspiration, I just feel so lost and I have no idea what my style is anymore! Hopefully by the end of the month I'll have found it.

Have you got any goals or aims for this month?

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