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Let Me Introduce Myself - 10 Facts About Me

rljlowe | 10 Facts About Me

Even though I've been posting more on my blog recently, I realised that I never really "introduced" myself. So I decided to share some little facts about me...

1// I have a degree in Popular Music
Pretty self-explanatory! I studied at Falmouth University for three years and graduated in 2015 with Dawn French presenting me with my degree.

2// I'm in a band
I’m in a band/duo with my good friend Caitlin and we’re very cleverly named II. As in two. Roman numerals though, which caused a lot of confusion at the beginning and at gigs. We’re currently on a little break whilst we get exploring etc out of our systems. If you’re interested, we have two EPs available to buy and listen to.

3// I've been playing Piano for 17 years
I started learning Piano when I was five and even though I desperately wanted to quit when I was around twelve, my Mum almost forced me to carry it on. Which I’m actually very glad about because I love sitting at the Piano and playing beautiful music. 

4// I wanted to be a midwife
When trying to decide what degree I wanted to study, I was stuck between Popular Music, Art and Midwifery. I ruled out Midwifery when I realised I was only interested so I could cuddle cute babies (spoiler; that’s not what being a Midwife is). I didn’t want to have to do a Foundation degree for Art and realised that Music was something I’d been so passionate about my whole life, it’d be silly not to study it.

5// I lived in the French Alps for 6 months
I moved to The Alps with my boyfriend, Rob to work as a Chalet Couple. It was very difficult, very fun and very interesting learning to ski at 21… I’m planning a big post on my Ski Season experience, so I’ll explain everything a bit more then.

6// I'm Vegetarian... and Lactose Intolerant
It took a good 6 months to figure out that Lactose/ dairy was causing my stomach pains but once I did, I tried my best to cut it out of my diet completely. Although, I do love cheese and Cadburys. I've been Vegetarian for just over a year now, after my friend Selengei suggesting I should try it. I've never looked back! One day I'd love to be Vegan but at the moment I don't feel like I can commit to that kind of diet.

7// I grew up next to the Cadbury factory
A lot of my friends parents worked for Cadbury and always had huge boxes of Dairy Milk Buttons in their garages, it was the norm! Whenever family came to visit, we would take a trip to Cadbury World - I can't even count the amount of times I've been there. But being a Quaker village meant that no shops were allowed to sell alcohol, which was fine, up until I turned 18...

8// I fractured my wrist dancing to 'The Mask'
I really don't know how. I was five or six and all I remember was watching The Mask, spinning around, attempting some form of Ballet dancing and falling on top of my wrist. I never got a plaster cast and that's one thing I've always been gutted about - I just wanted people to sign my cast!

9// Rabbits are my favourite animal
Look up 'Mini Lop Bunnies' and you'll understand why. They're just so cute.

10// My favourite colour is Orange
I mean, I love orange but if we're talking interiors and clothing, I tend to stick with whites, greys and blacks. So I'm not really sure why orange is my favourite colour but it is and it's what I say whenever I'm asked.

What are some interesting facts about you?

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